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DIY Palm Tree Decorations

Earlier this month we hosted a safari themed birthday party for Noah.  While she is only a year old and could really care less if the house is decorated or not… just as long as she gets to explore, she definitely noticed these tropical beauties upon awakening from her nap.  Which totally made it all worth it. #meltsmyheart

They were the perfect addition to her party and so easy to make.  So easy the pictures below will do most of the explaining.

How To Make Your Own Palm Tree Decorations

I used the columns in our house as the trunk of the tree.  If you don’t have columns you could use some PVC piping with a base or anything else that might work (card board boxes, pool noodle?, lamp).


  • paper shopping bags
  • green craft paper
  • tape
  • push pins
  • (All the other supplies shown below were to make small palm trees for the table decor.  These same steps apply to the table decor palm trees.)

Making the Trunk

Measure the circumference of your column, giving yourself some room for the bag to overlap.

Now, you are ready to attach the bag to the column.  This does not require taping to the column though.  Starting at the top of the column.  Hold the bag in place with the fringe portion closest to the top. Wrap bag around column.  Tape bag to itself at seam. If wrapped securely it will not slide down.

Continue previous steps until entire column is wrapped.

Palm Leaves

Cut a section of craft paper slightly wider than the desired width of palm leaf.  Don’t be afraid to go big!  Fold paper in half.  Draw outline of leaf (similar to a semi-circle) and add cut outs (curvy v’s) along edge for slits in leaf.

After the leaf is cut out, gather end of leaf together and tape to trunk. Then to extend leaf outward (this is what gives it the life like look), attach leaf to ceiling with the push pin a few inches out from the trunk. 

Basically, the leaf will go out and then down.  This will give width to the tree up top.

Repeat steps above for desired number of leaves.  I made four leaves for each tree but it will really depend on the width of your leaves.

That’s all you need to do to have quick and easy palm trees that will add the finishing touch to your party decor.

What about you?  Got any great tree making tips?  Or maybe some other cool party decorations that you DIYed and turned out fabulous?  I love tips on easy DIY party decorations!

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