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Room for Two

You may remember that I mentioned the other week that we have to record a video for Esther.  The video introduces her to us as well as gives her a chance to get a feel for her new home… especially her new room.

Before filming the video I took around fifteen minutes and made a dash throughout our house trying to clean up a little bit.  So after filming I took advantage of the moment and took a few quick shots of Noah and Esther’s room.  It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to update you on one major change we made this Summer.  We took down the crib.  Yep!  After Noah started sleeping in her daybed there really wasn’t a need for it anymore.

Now there is just the daybed with the trundle bed underneath.  Right now Noah sleeps on top but we who knows how it may end up once Esther arrives.
noahs room 1 We really like having a trundle bed vs. a full size or twin beds for two girls. Choosing this route really frees up a lot of floor space for play during the day.  noahs room 4 Not much has changed from this angle except for we removed the changing pad from the top of the dresser.  Next step will be to take down the mobile (while trying not to cry) and then finding/painting some really cute and colorful artwork for above the dresser.  The verdict is still out on what I really envision there. 
noahs room 3
The picture above gives you a glimpse of the amount of floor space there is in this room.  Our townhouse was built in the late ’70’s and it’s amazing how big the bedrooms are.  I tell ML that the longer we stay here the bigger the house feels.  Why?  Because we keep finding more and more uses/space for each room.  Organization is key!noahs room 2This wall is where the crib used to be.  (Shed a tear.)  It was sad taking it down at first but who can stay sad too long with all this free space.  Plus it opened up the perfect spot for this little coffee table we picked up at a yard sale for three bucks earlier this Summer.  We were so tempted by the price that we bought it without even knowing where we could use it.  It’s solid wood and that’s just hard to find these days.  Anyway, my plan is to paint it a bright color using the same method I did for the dresser because it has really held up well. Noah loves having a table that she can set her toys on and it is the perfect height for her.  I’d like to do something fun tot the wall above the table too.  I’m not sure yet but maybe another big piece of artwork.  Time will tell… I hope.

So there you have it!  A quick little tour of their room.  I’ll keep you posted as we add artwork and make more preparations for a room for two!

What projects have you been working on lately?  Does your schedule feel as overloaded as mine?  I think there is more on my plate than I can handle.

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