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Color the Floor

Last week I mentioned how our color scheme for the kitchen had shifted to a sunnier state.  I also said that I wanted to find a new rug to possibly pull in some other colors and form the basis for the color palette.

The first thing I did was see what sort of space I am working with.

A 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 6′ will work best in kitchen.  Our current rug is neither of these two standard sizes.  That right there let’s you know it’s a high quality rug.  Ha!  It has been great though, and I have loved all the color it adds to the kitchen, as well as how it covers up the tile floors that I am just not crazy about.  But while it looks great in pictures, it has seen better days.  Anyways!

So after I got my sizes narrowed down, I decided on a price range.  I don’t want to spend too much… since it’s just for the kitchen, but I think something below $125 will be reasonable, especially since I won a $50 gift card at a Twitter party last week!  I’ll have to run that by ML though.  I’m sure the lower the better for him.

Pattern and color are also good things to consider because this rug will get a lot of use.  I don’t need to worry about dropping something on it or ending up wearing it down in certain areas from too much use.

With my parameters set, I started searching the web.  I appreciate all the suggestions from the other day.  I did check out Overstock, but they just didn’t have anything that jumped out at me as “the one.”  Here’s what I have found so far.  We don’t have a keeper yet, but I do think these rugs are great…  And who knows, one of them might end up in my kitchen.


Source: urbanoutfitters.com via Krystle on Pinterest

This one is really pretty with the big pattern, but I don’t think such a large pattern will look right in a small kitchen.  We don’t want to draw attention to the fact that the kitchen footprint is small.  I couldn’t resist pinning it though.

Source: amazon.com via Krystle on Pinterest

All the stripes and color are great in this one because it will hide a lot of abuse and stains.  The colors are a little too muted for what I am looking for though.  Remember we are wanting the color to lighten the space up.  These colors work best when you want a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Source: worldmarket.com via Krystle on Pinterest

Ok, I didn’t like this one at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed this aqua blue would work with such a cheerful yellow.  It doesn’t have a lot of color but would contrast well with the yellow.  And since it is an indoor/outdoor rug, it would clean easily, so I wouldn’t have to worry with it only being a two-tone rug.  It is beautiful, and I think the pattern scale would work in our small kitchen.

Source: dashandalbert.com via Krystle on Pinterest

I just had to check out the Dash and Albert site since I have seen so many bloggers rave about their Dash and Albert rugs.  They have a large selection of rugs to choose from and quite a few that worked with the color scheme I am wanting to use.  I pinned this yellow one, but I still haven’t fallen head over heels for it.  When I picture it in the kitchen it looks good though… especially with the gray cabinets.  I’m afraid with yellow walls a yellow rug may be too much.  What do you think?

Source: dashandalbert.com via Krystle on Pinterest

Ok, this one is my favorite.  Another Dash and Albert rug.  But when I showed it to ML, he thought it looked too girly.  It does have a lot of bright colors that could read girly, but I think if used in the kitchen, it could just be “cheerful.”  What do you think?  It has the most color out of all of the rugs.

So that’s where the search has ended right now.  I’m going to still keep my eyes open for “the one.”  Hopefully, we will be able to get one soon, and then I can select the paint colors for the cabinets and walls and get this ball rolling.

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