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My Passive Walls

I’m a little embarrassed to share this project with you. Not at all because it is bad but because Michael Luke and I completed it back in June.  Gulp. Yep, June and I’m finally getting around to blogging about it. Why?  Well lot’s of things but mainly because I got tired of editing pictures on my old laptop.  I shared a little about it a couple of years ago here.  In a nutshell… a nine year old Mac and Photoshop really aren’t that compatible.

I’ve since dumped the Apple and switched over to a Chromebook and now I’ve got speed and lots of new picture editing apps to play with!  So, let’s get this show on the road.

Our master bath has been an renovation in process for the last two plus years.  Not like one of those renovations where you don’t have any cabinets or floors for months on end but a room that we work on here and there.

This past summer we decided it was finally time to paint the walls.

sherwin williams passive 3

No matter how many times I paint a room it never ceases to amaze me how much better a fresh coat of paint can make a room look.  I mean, it just blew my mind every time I walked in there and the room felt twice the size as what it used to.  That my friends is a can of paint well spent.

Just as a little fun reminder here’s a little Throw Back Thursday picture of what it used to look like.

master bathroomWe definitely have a more sophisticated looking bathroom now.  The colors have slowly shifted from red undertones to cool blue undertones.  This change in undertone is what really opens the room up.  This has happened with the counters, the cabinets and now the walls.

So what wall color did we choose?  We went with Sherwin Williams #7064 Passive.  Selecting this paint color was a little more difficult than I originally thought it would be because I had to find one that worked with both our master bedroom (Sherwin Williams Rain) and the girls room (Sherwin Williams Silver Strand) since they both have doors leading to the master bath.  Sherwin Williams Passive works with both of them and really helps the rooms to flow together.

sherwin williams passive, master bathYou know how projects always seem quicker in your minds than what they are in real life.  Well, this one was no different.  It was supposed to be a quick Saturday morning project… that turned into an entire weekend project.  Go figure.  It was fun getting to spend so much time with Michael Luke and it was our first big DIY project since bringing Esther home.

We finished though and as usual the reward is sweet.  I feel like I have a new master bath!sherwin williams passive, master bathNext up in this epic saga of our master bath renovation?

sherwin williams passive, master bathNew tile floors that run the full length of the bathroom!  Yep, I’m pretty excited about it.  We don’t have any selected yet but we have both come to the conclusion that we are hiring someone to do this project for us.  If not, we might really end up going months without a floor… and I can’t have that.  It’s still a ways off though.  We have tossed around the idea of doing it before Christmas but we will just have to wait and see!

Ok, so go ahead… tell me what one project if attempted in your house would end up taking you months to complete.  Be honest.  If it pops in your head quickly it might be a good indication that hiring professional help is the best route for you. There is no shame in it.



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