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Hi Ho Silver!

Today, I am sharing a project that I did way before I ever started blogging but it’s one of my favorite areas in the house.  I didn’t think you would mind.  What is it?  The silver wall in our dining room.
dining tableMy vision for the dining room always included a silver wall.  I wanted something dramatic that would help to distinguish the dining area from the living room.  Selecting the right color was a bit of a challenge though because it’s hard to find good wall paints with a metallic finish.  So I took matters into my own hands.

Living RoomI must note that since this was one of our first painting projects we did that I would add one extra step to this project if I did it again.  That is to try and get the wall as smooth as possible before beginning because any imperfections in the wall will show.

To start with I painted the wall, using Valspar Interior Satin Finish, in 4008-1B Polished Silver.  This is a great color by itself with a hint of blue in it.  I am actually considering painting the rest of the living room in this color or a similar color.

Next, I used Valspar Metal and Patina Glaze and a wallpaper smoothing brush.  You can find both of these items in the faux finish section.

silver glaze

If you are vertically challenged like me you might also want to add a step ladder to the list of items you might need.

Lightly (this being a key word) dip the brush in the glaze.  Starting at the top of the wall and working your way down drag the brush leaving long striations of the silver glaze.  Before adding the glaze to your actual wall you might want to first practice applying the glaze to a piece of cardboard or something.  Just so you can get a feel for the consistency of the paint and how much you need to lad the brush up with.

I applied two coats of glaze to my wall but if you wanted to see more of the striations from the glaze only apply one.  You can always add another coat if you want to later.

dining table

This was a really easy project and helped me achieve the elegance I was going for with our dining room.  Plus, doesn’t it look great with our dining room table?

Have you ever used a metallic glaze before?  If so, what did you use it for?  What is your favorite area in your house?

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