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Family Friday’s: Noah

There have been lots of posts this year focused on Esther.  It’s understandable since she’s the new kid on the block and all but today I thought I would share a little bit about Noah. Our first born. Our youngest.


Noah is one of a kind… but aren’t they all.  She truly is though. She lives life to the beat of her  own drum and we’re not quite sure what type of drum that is yet.  The name Noah is commonly used as a boy’s name and means “calm”.  Go figure.  But when Noah is used as a girl’s name it means “movement”.  Noah has certainly lived up to the meaning of her name (and so has Esther who’s name means “star”).  Even when she was still in the womb she was a mover and a kicker and so far not much has changed.


She can’t sit still. I know most toddler’s have trouble with this but Noah really can’t keep still.  I’ve sort of come to not even expect that of her.  It’s not possible… at all.  Not even in her sleep.  It’s cool though because we just attribute that to part of her personality.


She’s also our resident goof ball.  Our class clown.  Our bottle of laughter.  We honestly never really know what to expect out of her.  It might just be God’s lighthearted way of making sure I get a little laughter in my day everyday.


She tickles herself with crazy outfit selections, crazy hat accessories, her favorite owl shoes (thanks Aunt La). She cracks herself up by throwing all the sofa pillows on the floor (everyday), tossing all her clothes out of her dresser drawers, and refusing to obey Mommy and Daddy. Yep, she finds that pretty amusing even though we find it pretty frustrating. Sometimes it’s hard to be stern with her when her smirk is just so cute.

As cute as she is she’s not afraid to show her mean side.  Noah is definitely in touch with her inner anger.  She has no problem raring her head back and throwing a fit. Lately its escalated to excessively loud screaming, kicking, and crying.  Mainly when her brain just can’t make up it’s mine.  Like yesterday morning when I asked for a hug.  At first she said, “no”.  And then lost it because she wanted to hug me.  This indecisiveness went on for several minutes.  It’s not unusual for melt downs like this to happen several times a day.  It is frustrating but it also amazes me that we all at one time went through this stage when our brain truly couldn’t decide what we wanted and just decided to throw an all out tantrum instead.  Now that I’m older is just seems exhausting and like such a waste of energy.  Can you imagined if we threw an all out fit every time a decision seemed like too much or when we were told we couldn’t have something.  We would have very unproductive days and possibly very few friends.  Oh, wait that sounds sort of like a toddler’s life.Noah

Noah is a book lover. It’s not unusual to come in her room and find half of her books on the floor. She likes being read to but most of all flipping through all the pages and trying to retell the story on her own.  It makes me smile knowing that we both share a love of books.  She also enjoys “doing school on the ‘puter” everyday. This summer I subscribed to ABCmouse.com for the girls. They both enjoy it but Noah loves it most.  It’s the first thing she asks for in the mornings and has really gotten the hang of using the mouse and working puzzles on there.  I love it because it keeps her occupied while I shower and because no matter how many puzzles she works there is never a single piece left on the floor afterwards. Score!

She’s also our little smoothie girl. This chick loves some smoothies. She can out drink me in smoothies in the mornings. She’s so crazy about them that she actually requests spinach in them.  No complaining here about that part.


Don’t let her girl dress confuse you. This girl is all about getting down and dirty.  Give her some dirt or rocks and she’s good.  She may play dress up with the rest of them but don’t expect her to pick pink as her favorite color. She’s a blue and green girl who loves her black stuffed Ape.  She’s definitely our little tomboy in disguise.  She’s also quite the free spirited hippie. Forget the shoes, forget the clothes. She would much rather be in just her underwear… or naked.  She could also care less about bows or headbands. She just wants her hair to flow freely in the wind. And who could blame her with soft waves like that.

Another one of our favorite things about Noah right now is her adorable stutter. It sort of comes and goes. We aren’t too concerned with it right now so we just sit back and enjoy. She’s so cute as she repeats some words multiple, multiple times.  We just remind her to take things slowly and eventually she gets out what she wants to say.

NoahSo that’s just a few things about our Noah.  So far she’s been over two and half years of joy and blessings and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  All her smiles and laughter totally cancels out her not so nice moments.

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