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Resume Normal… Now

After six days of service to my county and country I am through serving jury duty.  It was exhausting and quite a disruption to our everyday life and routine.  Through this experience though I have learned not to complain of being selected.  A trial by jury is a right and freedom we have here in our country.  A freedom many others would love to have.  It was a privilege to sit and hear the case presented before me over the coarse of several days and then to deliberate with eleven other jurors until we reached a final unanimous decision.

Now, that it’s over I am attempting to get back on our regular schedule.  I really missed all the one on one time with Noah last week and have been hugging her extra hard and often lately!  With the craziness of our schedule and the lack of sunshine I still haven’t taken any pics of our updated counters in the kitchen.  The kitchen is clean and ready for a photo shoot we are just waiting on the sun. Hopefully today will be the day.

In the meantime I want to share two pieces of jewelry that I crocheted and that are for sell in my Etsy shop Color Created Family.

red heart crochet earrings red glass bead crochet necklace 1 DSCN4818

Perfect for Valentine’s Day… or any day where you want to accessorize with a little love.  Both dainty pieces are lightweight and add just the touch of elegance.  Each piece is sold separately but work well together.  Click on over to Color Created Family to check out these as well as all the other pieces listed for sale.

The profits from the purchase of these pieces or any item from Color Created Family goes to cover travel and other adoption expenses as we journey towards bringing our little girl home from Peru.

P.S.  Preview some of the items listed for sale as well as a coupon code to the right in the side bar.

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For more Color Transformed Family follow me on:

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