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White Cabinets

This post is the first of series of post that will focus on some of the projects we have been working on in our bathroom… this year. Yep, this first upgrade I started all the way back during The Great Snow Storm of 2014 back in January. While Ml was stranded at work for 2+ days I decided to make use of my time and give our cabinets a little update using our leftover trim paint.

cabinets 4 copy

Nothing fancy and no step by step guide needed. I just simply grabbed my brush and covered each cabinet with about three coats of paint each. Thin layers are key.

I planned to have them completely finished and rehung by the time Michael Luke got back home but as we all know projects are normally a lot quicker in our heads than in real time. Does anybody else struggle with this? Six doors are a lot to paint… especially when you are painting front and back plus three coats each. That’s thirty-six doors!!!

So the storm came and went and the project continued. It continued so much that we went to Hong Kong and back and then settled in with Esther for another two or three months before I finally had enough sanity to complete this little update.

By this point I was actually concerned if Esther would be thrown for a loop once our cabinets had doors. Seriously. I got it done and thankfully it wasn’t too big of a shock for her.

For all it’s hard work and time it did end up consuming it was completely worth it.

cabinet 1 copyWe love the crisp white look and how it accentuates our counters. This little bathroom needs all the help it can get with looking as big as possible and painting our cabinets white was our first step.

So for a little fun here is a before and after comparison.Master bath dolce vita


Not bad, eh? Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of our other bathroom projects. I won’t leave you in the dark though… heres a few hints. Paint. More cabinets. More Paint. Tile pricing.

Now I want to hear from you. Is anyone else thrown off by all this cool southern summer weather? We went swimming yesterday in seventy degree weather!!!! I could get use to this. Maybe even get an outdoors project or two completed.

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