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Sunshiny Days Are Coming

Last week, I won this really cool print from Signs by Andrea on Southern Hospitality‘s giveaway.


Even though it is intended for a child’s room, I couldn’t help but wonder where else it would look good. At first, I thought maybe the bathroom, but I didn’t want to ruin the whole aqua thing we have going on there. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would look great in the kitchen…

… a new renovated kitchen that is.

Yep folks, we are halfway through the year, and ML and I have still not begun our kitchen renovation. To be honest there has been a whole lot going on. But it’s all been for the best because if we would have started a few months ago, my color style for the kitchen would be completely different.

Originally, I was leaning towards a light blue or green for the color of the cabinets. And while I still love this idea, I’m not so sure it works for our house.


Since we don’t plan to stay here many more years, I don’t want to do anything too trendy that could cause the kitchen to look dated in a few years.

So now I am leaning more towards gray for the cabinets and a light yellow for the walls.

Source: decorpad.com via Krystle on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Krystle on Pinterest


All the colors found in the print! Yellow is not one of my favorite colors. I definitely didn’t like it in our guest room (Noah’s room before Noah), but I think a cheerful yellow will really open up our kitchen. The right yellow and the right amount of yellow will be crucial though. I plan to use a rug to introduce other colors to the room and balance the yellow out.

So the hunt for a rug begins. Meanwhile, maybe we will get around to replacing our remaining white kitchen appliances soon. We’ve started looking but just haven’t made the plunge yet.

We are sticking with black appliances because I love my double oven too much… plus I think they look pretty good in the kitchen. ML likes it because they are less expensive than stainless. I’ve heard mumblings though that stainless is losing its footing as the go-to finish for kitchen appliances. Has anybody noticed any new trends in finishes?

Since I’m on the rug hunt… do you have any suggestions of places to look for a fairly inexpensive/medium-priced kitchen rug?

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